Conversation with the Destiny


A girl dressed like a bride is sitting in front of us, at one side of a chequered table. The “bride” is a symbol of the feminin, virgin / innocence, full of aspirations, waiting for her breakthrough. In front of her an empty chair, the “empty” is a symbolism of a sort of absence, something that she wishes for but it’s not there (yet). The empty is also the potential, and the future in which thousands of scenarios are possible. The possible scenarios

are drawn with symbols on the back of the chair, some coincide with the bride’s aspirations, some don’t, some are strange, abstract, almost incomprehensible. Also on the back of the chair the astrological symbols, sun, stars, moon, and celestial gods of Saturn and Jupiter are present. The bride has cards in her hands; as though she is playing a game, or gambling , or just doing divinations. Behind her a woman is watching, depicted in a darker color. She is the bride’s shadow, her dark side, who maybe is playing too, but indirectly.

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    Oil on Canvas
    Artwork on supported wooden frame. Ready to hang. Framing on request.
    by professionals.


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