Triptic 1979


“Triptyque 79” is a folding screen, painted with oil and full of geopolitical messages. In a vintage red brothel 4 pleasure girls are killing time. The Times newspaper in the middle contains all the headlines of the turbulent year that 1979 was, a decisive year in the worlds politics. On the floor “Atlas Shrugged” of Ayn Rand, and “The Communist Manifesto” of K. Marx as well as the book of Mao. Back in the day in Iran people were arrested and tortured

for owning these books … and we had them in our library. The headlines of the newspaper are:” – The two Germanies watching each other: the debate on the speculation of the creation of the one state Germany – Can carter’s move stop soviet war : People think they are uniting to defeat imperialism- Jimmy Carter’s meddling and that of his CFR handlers, may bring the radical Islamists to power, destroying the Paris of Mid-East – Iran -” … The rest doesn’t fit here, please DM to read all the headlines of the newspaper in the middle.

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    Oil on Canvas
    Artwork on supported wooden frame. Ready to hang. Framing on request.
    by professionals.


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